Luke Quotes

I'm in the process of collecting my favorite Luke quotes from over the years. I'm choosing primarily one-liners, but some snippets of dialogue were too good to pass up. Still, I've limited this page to things that don't depend on context. Currently I have quotes taken from my own "Week in Review" column from February 1997 to December 1998.

For more recent quotes (including transcripts of full scenes along with commentary and context), see my General Hospital Review. For this site's coverage of Luke scenes (transcripts, sounds, photos, and the occasional video), go to the "General Hospital" section.

I'll be adding Luke Quotes from the other site and section into this collection soon, choosing the highlights!

Luke Quotes: February-March 1997

Luke Quotes: April-June 1997

Luke Quotes: July 1997

Luke Quotes: October-December 1997

Luke Quotes: January-February 1998

Luke Sounds: 1999

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