Rating: 5
Tony Rating: 5


If you like Weird Al Yankovic, then this is the one for you. His spoofs on various television shows, music videos, commercials, and movies entertained me, even though the plot of the film was pretty lame. The casting was the most fun: Michael Richards, Fran Drescher, Anthony Geary, and Victoria Jackson. Weird Al plays George Newman, a guy who thinks he has imagination but who goes from one job after another. His aunt sets him up as the manager of his uncle's failing UHF station, which he won in a poker game. George and his pal set up the station, filling the screen with zany original programming, and finally hit on a winner when they give the janitor (Michael Richards as Stanley Spadowski in a great comic performance) his own kid's show. When they hit #1 in the ratings, the sleazy local network affiliate executive goes after them, offering the uncle $75,000 for the station, which the uncle needs to get out of his gambling debts. You guessed it: a telethon ensues, and the guys sell stock in the station and buy it themselves. By the way? A good friend of my sister plays "spatula boy" in this one....

Anthony Geary:

The Tony rating went up for this one because he looks so great. He plays Philo, the soft-spoken and eccentric engineer at the station. He wears a white lab coat and wire rimmed glasses, and his hair is white and down to his shoulders, sticking up and out in this Einstein looking cut. The look's completed with a white goatee. He's almost the straight man in this whacked out comedy, and is definitely the quietest one of the bunch. Philo saves the day when he installs a camera in the network executive's office and records him saying awful things about the viewing public, then plays them back for everyone to see. He also finds the janitor when he goes missing at the hands of the exec's thugs. Finally, Philo announces his work is through, and that he's going back to his home planet of Zarkon--and he does. Strange but true.

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