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Given Name:

Tony Dean Geary

Legal Name:

Anthony Geary


Dean, Dutch


May 29th, 1947

Vital Stats:

Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"

Real Estate:

Tony lives near the GH studios in the Hollywood Hills area. He also owns another home in Amsterdam.


You can write Tony in care of the GH studio:
General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027


The Geary family hails from Coalville, Utah; Tony was raised in a Mormon household. Mother (Dana) and father have passed away (she in 1998, he in 1993). He has three sisters: Dana; DeAnn, who has a son, Russell Dax; and Jana, who has a son, Brendan, with her husband, J. Kent. Tony has never been married and has no children.


In the 1980s, Tony mentioned owning three cats: Taylor (named for Elizabeth Taylor), Bernard, and Cannabis. In the 1990s, he listed his feline friends as "Max and Shiffy. Max is pedigree Persian. And Shiffy's a fur ball; we're not sure what gender. She's either a very soft man, or a hard livin' woman."


Hobbies: rollerskating/rollerblading, music, writing
Food: Italian
Comfort Food: "A Snickers bar, a handful of almonds and cold glass of milk."
Ice Cream Flavor: pistachio and peppermint
Pizza Topping: Cheese
Breakfast Cereal: Cinnamon Life
Bar Drink: Margarita
Song: says it varies, but has mentioned "Space," by Neighborhood
Season: Summer
Subject in School: Art
Cartoon Character: Daffy Duck

Soap Opera Roles:

Bright Promise (David Lockhart, 1970-1)
TheYoung and the Restless (1975)
General Hospital (Luke Spencer, 1978-1984, 1993-present, Bill Eckert 1991-1993)

Television Roles:

This section is in alphabetical order since I'm missing the dates on many of the items.

All in the Family
Barnaby Jones
Burke's Law, "Who Killed the Centerfold" (as Clayton Cole; 6/1/95)
Mod Squad
Murder, She Wrote, "From Russia...With Blood" (as Lt. Alexandrov; 2/26/89)
Murder, She Wrote, "Hannigan's Wake" (as Eric Grant; 10/28/90)
The Partridge Family
Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam (1987)
Room 222 (first TV appearance)
Roseanne, "Suck Up or Shut Up" (as Luke Spencer, with Genie Francis as Laura; 1/4/94)
Starsky and Hutch
The Streets of San Francisco, "The Thrill Killers" (as Gary Jelinek)

Tony also appeared on the gameshow All Star Family Feud in the 1980s.

Film Roles:

Sorority Kill (made for TV)
Educated Heart
Blood Sabbath
Johnny Got His Gun
Blood Sabbath (1972)
Antony and Cleopatra (1983)
Intimate Agony (TV 1983)
The Imposter (TV 1984)
Sins of the Past (TV 1984)
Kicks (as Martin Cheevers; TV 1985)
Disorderlies (1987)
Penitentiary III (1987)
PI: Private Investigations (1987)
Dangerous Love (1988)
It Takes Two (as Wheel; 1988)
Pass the Ammo (as Stonewall; 1988)
You Can't Hurry Love (as Tony; 1988)
Crack House (as a teacher; 1989)
Do You Know the Muffin Man? (TV 1989)
High Desert Kill (TV 1989)
Night Life (1989)
The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra (as Octavius Caesar; Video 1989)
UHF (as Philo; 1989)
Night of the Warrior (as Lynch; 1991)
Scorchers (as Preacher; 1991)
Al Yankovic: The Videos (Video 1996)

Theatre Roles:

While at the University of Utah on theatre scholarship in 1967, Jack Albertson signed Tony to a tour of The Subject was Roses. Tony played the son. The company performed in Los Angeles in 1969 at the Huntington Hartford (now Doolittle) Theatre, and also included Matha Scott.

At the Los Angeles Theatre Center: Barabbas, The Glass Menagerie, Cat's Paw, The Inspector General, The Wild Duck

At the Heliotrope in Los Angeles: The Chinese Zero

At the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Forum

Jesus Christ Superstar, national touring company, as Jesus

Human Scratchings, 1996, at The Court Theatre in Los Angeles

Tony also writes screenplays, including one a while back named Sterno's Delight, for which he had Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) in mind.


1982: Daytime Emmy for Best Actor
1983: Soap Opera Digest Soapy Award for Best Actor
1999: Daytime Emmy for Best Actor
2000: Daytime Emmy for Best Actor

Tony also won a Cindy Award for his 20-minute radio drama, Sound of Sunshine, Sound of Rain. I believe that he won another Soapy, as well, and will add that when I find confirmation and the year. He has won the current Soap Opera Digest Award as well, I believe more than once.

Did you know?

Tony was originally only hired on GH for 13 weeks?
Tony originally tested for the role of Senator Mitch Williams (who Luke Spencer was later ordered to assassinate)?
The writers once thought to pair Luke with Lesley?
Because Tony liked to do love scenes naked, in one scene with Holly Luke accidentally displayed full frontal nudity?
Tony worked on his first soap, Bright Promise, with Susan Brown (Gail Baldwin) and David Lewis (Edward Quartermaine)?
Tony once had a cat named for Elizabeth Taylor?
Tony has a 10-week vacation built into his contract?
Tony is the only daytime actor who is contractually allowed to rewrite lines for his character?


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