1993 (?) - Source (?), Photo Feature

(Bill, GH)
Luke Spencer's staple look included curly hair and a clean-shaven face. When Geary returned to GENERAL HOSPITAL as "blue-collar" Bill Eckert, the character appeared as a bearded, fiery redhead. Then he lost the beard. Now it's back. We're as curious as Geraldo: When Luke Spencer returns to Port Charles, what look will he be sporting?

1993 (?) - Source (?), "Leading Men" (?)

Who ever thought that a frizzy-haired beanpole would become the biggest hunk of the early '80s? Although he may have been a far cry from today's muscle-bound men, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Luke (Anthony Geary, shown with Jacklyn Zeman as sister Bobbie) had a dangerous charisma that hooked millions of viewers. It didn't matter that his "to do list" probably didn't include going to the gym.

1993 (?) - Source (?), "Star Turns" (?)

This photo appeared in an article about celebrity guest stars on soaps.

Elizabeth Taylor complicated Luke's (Tony Geary) life on GH.

1993 - Soap Opera Update: Digest

On GENERAL HOSPITAL Bill's Life Turns Upside Down

Bill finds that everything he has worked to create in Port Charles is falling apart before his eyes. Lucy figures out Katherine's scheme. Lucy and Damian are shocked by the announcement that Scott and Katherine plan to wed, but Lucy secretly plots to stop their marriage. Monica becomes suspicious of Alan's behavior as the pressure of concealing Ray's death begins to unravel him.

1993 - Soap Opera Update: Digest

Luke and Laura Strategy

GENERAL HOSPITAL received an expected ratings boost with the highly anticipated return of Luke and Laura. But the verdict's still out on whether lightning has struck twice for this dynamic duo--and if the ratings will continue to grow.

GH executive producer Wendy Riche insists ratings (the almighty television dollar) did not play a role in the couple's return. "It was instinct that the timing was right," she says. "It was really that they were both available at the same time, and it was a pursuit of something that would work for all of us. We felt that it was bringing back old friends to Port Charles and exploring who they were 10 years later. That's why we did it."

"I don't think any of us expect the hysteria that we went through 10 years ago," says actor Anthony Geary, who reprises the role of Luke. "I think we're in a different game now. We focus on the work and on keeping the story moving and the connection between us, and the fans' reactions follow. We can't go after them. They'll either come to us or they won't...and we hope that they like it, but we can't second-guess an audience."

One of the casualties of Luke and Laura's return is the exit of Bill Eckert (also portrayed by Anthony Geary). "Bill was a rough ride. I have not run across a man yet who did not respond to Bill Eckert," he admits. "There was something about Bill that men responded to and women didn't. So that could be the clue to whatever success he had and whatever failure there was. This is a medium geared to romance, and whenever you have a fellow who lives in quiet desperation without a great deal of romantic intent, I think you've got a problem."

Caption: "It was instinct that the timing was right."

1993 - Soap Opera Weekly, "Jonathan Jackson: New Kid On The Block"

Excerpted from the article:

Now the new kid on the block is doing everything from juggling days with a scene-stealing dog to taking a bullet, a scene that remains one of his favorites. "I couldn't wait," he says. "I wanted to tell people, but I knew I couldn't. It was hard to keep it in. Tony helped me with it," he says of his TV father, Tony Geary. "He said when people get shot in movies they usually get blown away and fall down, but I just fainted. Doing it was kinda cool."

Tony and Jonathan pal around when the cameras stop rolling, and Tony advises Jonathan on his acting. Their personalities blend well, and sometimes playful chaos occurs. "It's not hard to do with Tony," Jonathan says with a big laugh. "I act a little bit older, he acts a little bit younger. It all balances."

1993 - Soap Opera Weekly

The wedding photos still show up in ads.

August 24, 1993 - Soap Opera Update, "The Update Report"


More than a decade ago, the dashing Luke Spencer stole the scene on GENERAL HOSPITAL as portrayed by actor Tony Geary. Today, Luke is making a triumphant--and much heralded--return to the show, but the actor playing him is going by the moniker Anthony Geary. What gives? "I prefer Tony, but I like Anthony in print," Geary explains. "My mother actually named me Tony. My grandmother, of course, complained bitterly that it should be Anthony, and I think she was right," the actor admits. So when Geary turned 35, he officially started going by the more formal version. "I thought Tony was a bit familiar," he says. We agree, Mr. Geary.

November 30, 1993 - Soap Opera Update, "Readers' Notes"

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Luke & Laura: Redoing it with style!

December 1993 - Daytime Digest: History of the Soaps, advertisement

The following photo appeared in a full page advertisement for the new ABC videos, including "Luke and Laura Volume 1: Lovers on the Run, the saga of those legendary GH lovers, featuring exclusive interviews with Anthony Geary and Genie Francis" and "the on-the-run adventure that kicked off the Luke and Laura (Anthony Geary & Genie Francis) love story on General Hospital:

The exciting Luke and Laura video features the GH duo during their summer on the run, and interviews with Tony Geary and Genie Francis.

December 1993 - Daytime Digest: History of the Soaps, "That He's One Cool Kid"

The following photo appeared in a brief article on Jonathan Jackson.

"I can learn a lot from Tony," smiles Jonathan. "He helps me with my work and makes sure that I feel comfortable with it. Both him and Genie (Francis, Laura) are always there for me, which is cool."

From the article: "I can learn a lot from everyone--especially from Tony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Laura). Tony helps me with the work and makes sure that I feel comfortable with it. They're just always there for me, which is pretty cool."

March 1994 (?) - Daytime TV, Front Cover

as Frank Smith and the Cassadines
Threaten Again!

March 1994 (?) - Daytime TV, "Soap DRx"

The location shots where GH's Tony Geary (Luke), Genie Francis (Laura) and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) worked for the first time as a "family" were taped in Rochester, NY, the town in which Port Charles is based upon.

March 1994 (?) - Daytime TV, Poll

Luke and Laura (Anthony Geary & Genie Francis) are still tops when it comes to love and excitement! Their faithful following of fans hope to see the dynamic duo involved in some really gripping storylines.

May 1994, Daytime TV

Could it be that GH's Anthony Geary and Genie Francis (Luke & Laura) are toasting their success? They have sent the show's ratings soaring!

May 1994, Daytime TV, from a listing of soap stars' birthdays

Anthony Geary and Genie Francis
(Luke and Laura, General Hospital)

May Babies:
26 Genie Francis (Laura, General Hospital)
29 Anthony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)

May 1994, Daytime TV

This photo appeared in a short blurb about Lisa Marie's life post-GH. She played Jennifer Smith.

May 1994, Daytime TV

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