February 16, 1991 - TV Guide
TV Guide's website "reran" this article with Tony on October 4, 1997. In the interview, from the February 16, 1991 print issue of TV Guide, Tony talks about returning to GH as Bill Eckert.
October 16, 1993 - TV Guide
Tony and Genie Francis talk about their return to GH, Luke and Laura the first time around, and their careers in between.
November 2, 1993 - Soap Opera Weekly
This piece ran in conjunction with Luke and Laura's return in 1993. Primarily a history of the couple, both in the text of the article and the extensive sidebar, it also includes past and present quotes from Tony and Genie on the subject of Luke and Laura's departures and returns.
November 16, 1993 - Soap Opera Update
This brief piece talks about the location shoot in Rochester, New York, for the return of Luke and Laura.
November 16, 1993 - Soap Opera Weekly
Tony talks about the character of Bill Eckert--his development, his past, his death--and why he couldn't play that character anymore.
January 2, 1994 - TV Times (LA Times)
Tony and Genie describe the conversation that led to their return as Luke and Laura and the joy of working with each other again.
March 1994 (?) - Daytime TV
Here Tony and Genie are joined by Executive Producer Wendy Riche and Supervising Producer Shelley Curtis. The four discuss Luke and Laura's return.
May 1994 - Daytime TV
This article talks about Tony and Genie's earlier departures from the show on the occasion of their return in 1993.
1995 - Soap Opera Weekly
This brief news article goes behind the scenes of Luke's fight with the alligator. No, really. He did fight an alligator. I promise.
Spring 1996 - Soap Opera Digest (?)
Tony talks about the real Luke Spencer, Amsterdam, Human Scratchings, his family, and the day he became the first man to display full frontal nudity on daytime television. No kidding.
April 16, 1996 - Soap Opera Weekly
Tony talks about the weirdness and wildness of playing Luke the first time around, his understanding of Luke, and his play, Human Scratchings.
October 26, 1996 - TV Guide
This interview appeared in conjunction with Luke and Laura's 15th anniversary. Tony talks briefly about Luke reborn and his attitude towards Nikolas.
November 16, 1996 - Soap Opera Magazine
In conjunction with Luke and Laura's 15th anniversary, Tony talks about taping the wedding, the Left-Handed Boy, his on-set improvisations, Luke, Luke's attitude towards Nikolas, Lulu, and Lucky, and gives his own thoughts on several co-stars.
November 26, 1996 - Soap Opera Update
In this section of a larger article, Tony, Genie, Stephen Nichols (Stefan), and Tyler Baker (Nikolas) talk about the Spencer/Cassadine feud. The article also includes a brief history of Luke and Laura in celebration of their 15th anniversary.

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