1981 - General Hospital: Daytime TV's Greatest Stories #2
This cover story talks about Tony's friendship with Genie Francis (Laura) and gives a glimpse into the making of the Wyndham's department store scenes. It includes quotes from Tony on both of those subjects.
1981 - General Hospital: Daytime TV's Greatest Stories #2
This piece describes a typical day on the set back in 1981. I thought it was interesting background, so I'm including it in its entirety, rather than excerpting the one or two mentions of Tony.
1981 - General Hospital: Daytime TV's Greatest Stories #2
Tony talks about his new-found fame in this brief article, including the ways in which he deals with the public.
January 6, 1981 - Soap Opera Digest
Tony talks about projects past, present and future, the character of Luke, his need to act, his start in the business, staying single, reincarnation, and Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin).
September 28, 1981 - Newsweek
In this famous article, Newsweek writers consider Gloria Monty's changes to General Hospital and its newfound success. They focus on Luke and Laura's "Left-Handed Boy" storyline and feature Tony and Genie Francis in a sidebar.
November 16, 1981 - People
In another famous article, People covers Elizabeth Taylor's guest appearance as Helena Cassadine at Luke and Laura's wedding. The article describes Taylor's time on the set as well as the future of Tony, Genie, and the show.
November 16, 1981 - Tribune
This is a story from a local newspaper (city unknown) that goes behind the scenes at the wedding, which aired that week. It includes quotes from Tony, as well as a brief look at Liz Taylor's appearance, the cast of characters, and Gloria Monty's work on the soap.
November 1981 - Afternoon TV
Primarily a character study of Luke Spencer, this article also talks about the ways Tony has defined and developed the role. It also includes two photos of Tony in pre-Luke roles.
1982 (?) - Daytime Digest
This piece is primarily a description of the wedding, but it offers quotes from Tony and Genie Francis as well as some backstage information.
March 1982 - Soap Opera's Greatest Stories
In this article, Tony talks about his college acting and his first professional job--The Subject Was Roses.
March 1982 - Soap Opera's Greatest Stories
Tony's had lots of celebrity fans, as shown in this article. The Ice Princess storyline drove Sammy Davis, Jr. nuts!
March 1982 - Soap Opera's Greatest Stories
This article talks about the backstage contract concerns over Rick Moses (Hutch). Tony, Genie, and Rick talk about their characters and the possibility of a Hutch/Laura romance.
1983 (?) - Soap Opera Digest
In this fragment of an interview, Tony talks about potential projects, roles he'd like to play, and the prospect of continuing on as Luke Spencer.
April 12, 1983 - Soap Opera Digest
This article gives an account of the 1983 broadcast of the "Soapy Awards," which aired on The Merv Griffin Show. Tony won for best actor.

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