Some 14 million fans will sigh with relief when Laura (Genie Francis) and Luke (Tony Geary), soaps' hottest couple, wed next week on General Hospital.

Liz Taylor's scenes were edited into the wedding sequence. Liz wore her 33-carat diamond ring (worth $1 million-plus) and brought inestimable status to the show.


Days that shook the daytime world: When producer Monty talks, a cameraman and a safety-pinned Geary listen; Liz takes a meeting, and chats up rockin' Noah Drake (Rick Springfield); Genie Francis dollies up in the hand-beaded gown she says Princess Di would envy.


Liz laughs between takes, and beflowers the bridegroom--before proving a thorny guest; Geary chugs to the church in a tin lizzie; however, Tristan (Scorpio) Rogers, being toasted by Taylor, may be GH's fastest-moving star.

With 300 fan letters daily, Tristan Rogers is GH's heartthrob-in-waiting. Meanwhile, he's just idling (in his 1970 Mustang.)

Genie Francis, the star-who-would-be-a-coed, wants to bust out of celebrity serfdom to enter college next year.


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