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I've been watching General Hospital since July 1st, 1996, and from the first day I saw him, I was mesmerized by Anthony Geary. Since then, I've been trying to catch up on Tony's other performances and his past and present on General Hospital (Luke Spencer/Bill Eckert). This site, which I've been developing since 1997, is my attempt to compile information on Anthony Geary and share it with other fans.

I try to do an upload of new material each month, but my life keeps me away from the page more than I'd like. On many pages, you can read a note from me about the status of that page. In general, I've been working heavily on things about GH in the 80s, but I want to turn my attention soon to the sections about Tony's other roles on television as well as his work on Film and Theatre--so look for that in the months ahead!

4/18/02: I've moved the site to a new location--this should be the last move! I hope to get back to regular, monthly updates in the near future, including doing a bit of clean-up and adding to the under-developed sections on film and television.

Please do not repost anything from this site without my permission. Why not avoid the repetition and link to me instead? I'll be happy to offer a link back to you in exchange.

None of the material on this page comes from other webpages, except for a few pictures used by permission of another webmaster. The provider's page is noted. Also, things that have been lent or given to me by other people appear with a note acknowledging their contribution. Many thanks to all of you! And if you have things you'd like to share, or know where I could track down material on Tony's career, drop me a note.

People write in and ask me questions about Tony's personal life all the time. I don't answer. Any information I have on Tony's personal life, and any information this page will include on the subject, comes from published sources. I don't deal in rumor.

Page design and all original material are © 1997-2002 by Amy McWilliams. You can email Amy McWilliams at mcamy@leftfield.org.

I've indicated all my sources for this material, and I recognize that most of it is copyrighted. All of the pictures are from the published sources mentioned here or from the ABC GH photo library, and I've worked very carefully to cite sources with as much information as I have. However, if you feel that material here violates your copyright, and does not fall under the fair use policy in copyright law, drop me a note and I'll take the offending material down immediately.

This site is neither a project of Capital Cities ABC nor affiliated with Anthony Geary in any manner. It is an independent site created for the purpose of appreciating Anthony Geary in his many roles and endeavors (Tony, can you hear me?). Please do not use any pictures or press articles for profit; they are for home use only. Play nice, and with any luck we won't get sued.

You can reach Amy McWilliams at mcamy@mcamy.net. If you prefer web-based forms, use the feedback form. You can check out my other sites at http://www.mcamy.net.

I do my best to answer all email, but do not have the time (or, sometimes, the information) to respond to queries regarding GH updates, tape trading, behind-the-scenes rumors, etc. And, as stated above, I do not answer emails with any information on Tony's personal life; everything I know is on-line here.

If you want to write to Tony directly, you can contact him at the GH studios:

General Hospital
c/o ABC-TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Thanks to Mike Little, my own personal Chandler Bing, for my start making webpages. Thanks to Joan, Judy, and Terry, for their companionship in all things GH and in life in general. Thanks to Arda for that and more. (Someday we'll write that book, darlin'.)

Thanks also to Adrian McConchie, my model of GH actor fandom and my luncheon companion, who donated things that still haven't all made it onto the page. And thanks to everybody else who has sent in material to be posted here. Finally, thanks to the eBay sellers who included bonus goodies with my purchases, and who made spending so much money on old soap opera magazines a pleasure.


The Anthony Geary Webpage is © 1997-2002 by Amy McWilliams